General FAQ

Q: The first floor is too hard, everything is too expensive and everyone dies too quickly. What am I doing wrong?
A: This is quite different from your standard rpg so it would do you good to learn how differently this game is played. At first, your source of healing is from buying Jerky from the Inn and staying the Inn using the first 2 rooms. You should also buy some Snake Oils as you are likely to get poisoned by traps or from certain mobs. As Snake Oils don't have a 100% chance to cure you, you can reload your saves until they do. A Mage is useful to have at the beginning of the game as their sleep spell can give you some extra time in defeating mobs. You must select what spells your Mage and Preist can use via "Learn" in the Guild. Pressing "x" gives you descriptions of most things such as your spells, items and objects. Your first source of income is probably from the Healing Potions and Antidotes which fetch you a decent sum at the beginning of the game. Focus on buying what you need to equip your Warrior and know that the less AC you have, the better. For weapons, you'll want an Estoc for your Warrior, a Longbow for your Thief and a Quarterstaff for your Priest/Mage. Though you can have access to the basement early, the monsters there are too strong at this point of the game and you don't need to go there until you reach the 5th floor of the tower. That is pretty much most of what you need to know.

Q: Why can't my Mage/Priest cast spells!
A: Check your equipment. Try removing pieces of equipment and re-equiping them. When you go to equip it again, look at your Priest/Mage Level. If they are red, you won't be able to cast spells. This is because spell casters need to be able to move and wave their hands around and such.

Q: How do I fix the elevator?
A: Check this out!

Wiki FAQ

Q: In the quest guide, I see "[15,4,FE]". What does that mean?
A: What you are referring to are coordinates for various events, or item locations. Things you might see are:

[4E 2N]: 4 East, 2 North on the floor you are currently on.
[F3 4E 2N]: Floor 3, 4 East, 2 North
[4E 2N F(N,E,S,W)]: 4 East, 2 North and respectively Face North, Face East, Face South and Face West.
All of these coordinates are map coordinates, this means that they are all separately found by going x east and y north from the bottom left point of your map.

Q: What does this "2D6+5" on the Weapon List mean?
A: It is a system commonly found in Dungeons & Dragons for rolling damage.

(x)D(y) + (z)
You roll (x) dice, with (y) sides, and add (z).
2D6+5 then can randomly be a number between 7 and 17.

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