The dark spire has a very interesting character creation system, based around races. Certain races will have racial benefits that will improve their usefulness in battle or outside of battle.


This is a list of stats for all of the races. the first number behind a stat is the highest it can go. The second number is the highest you can roll it at character creation. You can increase your stats to the max level by spending EP to increase it, but do note that this will cost incredible amounts of EP, especially early on. It is therefore recommended to roll your stats as close to the max as possible. Keep in mind that you can't increase CH in the Guild, this is done by visiting a spot in Floor ???? and paying 50000 EP and 10000 Gold each time (there will be no cost increase).


ST - 18/14
IN - 18/14
VT - 18/14
DX - 18/14
CH - 18/16


ST - 20/16
IN - 17/13
VT - 20/16
DX - 15/11
CH - 17/15

Halfings (Halflings get a bonus reduction of AC by leather armor)

ST - 15/11
IN - 17/13
VT - 18/14
DX - 20/16
CH - 19/17

Elves (Dark Elves and High Elves have the same Stat potential as normal elves)

ST - 17/13
IN - 20/16
VT - 16/12
DX - 19/15
CH - 20/18

Uncertain Weapon Bonuses

There are supposedly some sort of bonus from using a specific type of weapon with a specific race but it is assumed that there are no such bonuses. Supposedly Dwarves would have bonuses with Axes, Halflings with Daggers, and Elf kind with Rapiers/Light Blades and Bows. Humans don't have any such assumed advantage.

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