In The Dark Spire, Warriors have an oath system. This means that they will have to swear an oath to do or not to do something. If a warrior breaks his/her oath, he/she will be given an EP penalty towards his next warrior level. Some of the oaths are self-explanatory, but others are quite cryptic, and even the wiki creators may not know what they mean. Warriors need to swear an oath at level 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96.

List of Oaths ordered by level:

level 6

No grabbing cat tails.
No eating dog meat.
No eating fruit.
No climbing trees.

Level 12

No item use during battles.
Always pray before entering the tower.
No aborting quests.
No changing equipment in the tower.

Level 24

No attacking unidentified enemies.
No running from unidentified enemies.
No ambushing enemies.
No defending.

Level 48

No casting spells during battles.
No casting spells while moving in the dungeon.
No running from battles period.
No using spells to return to town.

Level 96

No letting enemies escape.
No killing dragons.
No killing demons.
No killing giants.

I have made the easiest oaths (in my opinion) bold.

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