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Post-game ending (Spoilers ahead)

You need a Balanced alignment character (complete the Giant, Demon and Dragon hunt quests, and offer the Staff of Harmony in 6F balanced altar, then serve them and choose the character who will become Balanced) and the Tyrhung sword (after guiding the Mysterious Woman through the tower and getting her ending). In the ???? floor, raise your characters CH in the beauty spring until the total of the four characters adds up to 71 or more. Equip the Tyrhung on the Balanced character and put him/her in any slot of the party. Go to Bolverk at the end of ????. Instead of being teleported to town, your characters will fight. There is no actual battle you can play, though, just some text and the credits.

To Do List (Known Issues)

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A list of what levels new tiers of spells are accessed and the number of casts.

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