Usable Items
Name Effect
Antidote Cure poison
Anti-Magic Ward Increase Group Magic Resistance, then break
Compass Single use direction indicator on map
Defensive Ward Increase Group Defense, then break
Elixir Has a 5% chance to cure status ailments
Fine Compass Gives party's current coordinates(reusable)
Healing Potion Heals 2-8 points of HP
Holy Grenade Does 20-110 damage to all enemies
Jerky Heals 1-3 HP
Miracle Potion Full heal and cure
Molotov Cocktail Deals 3-18 to one enemy
Polypore 80% chance to ???
Power Lollipop +2 to all stats for one character for one battle
Recovery Potion Heals 17-53 points of HP and cures status ailments
Scrap Metal Deals 1-4 damage to an enemy
Snake Oil Has a 50% chance to cure poison
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