In order to fix the elevator, you'll have to bring an assortment of items collected from floors 1-4 to the elevator Generator Room (1st FLOOR; 6N,13E).

1) Obtaining the Bottled Water
Your first step is to make your way to the Generator Room (1st FLOOR; 6N,13E) in order to obtain an Empty Bottle. There are two ways to get to this room: firstly, if you have the Clover Key, then you can get there by using the unlocked door found at: (1st FLOOR; 6N,3E). If you don't have access to that door, then you will need to take the stairs DOWN from the 2nd floor (2nd FLOOR; 12N,10E) and make your way to the generator room from there. Making your way to the generator room requires you to go through "dark space", so if you're hitting darkness, you're on the right track. Once you make it to the the generator room a search of the area should get you an Empty Bottle. Take that, make your way through the "dark space" again and make your way to the spring (1st FLOOR; 17N, 13E) in order to fill the bottle with water. You're done with that step now.

2) Obtaining the Sunflower Seeds
Your second step is to make your way to the Amazon home on the 3rd floor and obtain the sunflower seeds from (3rd FLOOR; 9N, 11E). If you have not already gained access to the Amazon home, you will need to place Jerky (bought from the Inn) in the trap located at (3rd FLOOR; 12N,19E), leave the dungeon floor, come back the 3rd floor and go to that very same trap (3rd FLOOR; 12N,19E) to pick up the claw and then offer that as a gift to the Amazons through the door at (3rd FLOOR; 14N,12E). After you finish with that and enter through the door into the Amazon home, you could go directly south from there in order to reach the tile (3rd FLOOR; 9N,11E) and obtain the sunflower seeds.

3) Obtaining the Squirrel
This step actually requires two different steps; firstly, acquiring the items necessary to catch the squirrel, and then finally making your way to the squirrel and catching him. So, I will split it up accordingly:

a) First, you will need to obtain Rum Nuts and a Gourd. The Rum Nuts are located in the region of the pirate fort on the 2nd floor. It is found in (1st FLOOR; 7N,14E). Now, the Gourd is found at (3rd FLOOR; 1N,18E). In order to gain access to this part of the 3rd floor, you will have to have finished the event with the Amazon Queen at (3rd FLOOR; 14N,1E) otherwise the door at (3rd FLOOR; 6N,17E) will be inaccessible to you.

b) After obtaining the Rum Nuts and the Gourd, you will need to head to the 4th floor and make your way the squirrel room (4th FLOOR; 6N,16E). First, feed him the Rum Nuts in order to get him drunk, and then use the Gourd to capture him. Congratulations, you should now be ready to fix the elevator.

4) Activating the Elevator!
Take your items (Bottled Water, Sunflower Seeds, Squirrel) to the Generator Room at (1st FLOOR; 6N,13E) and put/attach them to the cage. Voila! The magic squirrel will now consume those sunflower seeds, drink that water, and turn the hamster wheel for you until the end of time, restoring power to the elevator. Give yourself a pat on the back; you've earned it.

Credits to Pistachiooo from the GameFAQs message boards.

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