Base Classes

There are several classes you can choose from in The Dark Spire.

Warrior (WAR)

The warrior is a front line specialist, capable of dishing out large amounts of damage to a single enemy, and absorbing large amounts of damage before dying. The warrior is most used in parties as a tank, to make sure the mages and priests don't die. Required to take Oaths.

-11 STR

-Very low AC
-High damage
-High Health

-Can't cast spells
-Can't support party members

Thief (THF)

The thief is the sneaky bastard of the group, mostly utilizing sneak attacks in battle, and picking locks outside of battle. The Thief is mostly used for its ability to pick locks and disarm traps, since its damage is not so great.

-11 DEX

-Can pick locks
-Can disarm traps
-Reasonable damage from the back row with a bow

-"High" AC
-Damage not too high
-Low HP

Priest (PRI)

The Priest is the party's support. The priest is a character that can heal allies, make them more resistant to damage, and do all other kinds of things that are beneficial to the party. Surprisingly, the priest also packs some quite effective offensive spells. Mostly used as a healer.

-11 INT
-Lawful or Chaotic

-Can heal party members
-Can revive dead party members
-Can cure status ailments
-Can use offensive spells in battle

-Offensive spells aren't too good 'till late in the game

Mage (MGE)

The mage is the party's area killer. Packing incredible offensive spells, the mage can single-handedly lay waste to hordes of enemies, effectively saving you a lot of time. Mostly used for group damage.

-11 INT

-High damage
-Group damage
-Can show you where you are in the dungeon

-If they run out of spell points, they become useless

Secondary Classes

The Dark Spire also has some secondary classes, which you can unlock by doing a quest given by the Skill Instructor. If you have completed the quest for the secondary class, your character only needs to meet the minimal requirements, and buy the skill to become his/her secondary class.
Secondary classes are special in that they can wear equipment from both of their previous jobs, so you can have a spellcaster with very low AC , or a powerful healing warrior.


Str 13, Vit 13, Cha 10
Level 10 Warrior, Level 10 Priest, Military Strategy (Int 13).
Weapon Bonus to: Spear, Dragon Lance, Saint's Mace
Armor Bonus (-4AC) to: Saint's Helm, Saint's Armor, All Shields except Rune Shield


Str 13, Int 13, Dex 13
Level 10 Warrior, Level 10 Thief, Tree Climbing (Dex 13).
Weapon Bonus to: Kamikaze, Kogarasu Maru, Gekkou, Dagger, Kris, Chaos Dagger, Harakiri Dagger, Naginata, Jitte
Armor Bonus (-2AC) to: Ninja Mask, Ninja Outfit, Oborotsuki


Str 13, Vit 13
Level 10 Warrior, Level 10 Mage, Healthy Living (Vit 13).
Weapon Bonus to: Nodachi, Kamikaze, Kogarasu Maru, Gekkou, Harakiri Dagger, Naginata
Armor Bonus (-3AC) to: Oborotsuki, Amulet of Wisdom


Vit 13, Dex 13
Level 10 Thief, Level 10 Priest, Acrobatics (Dex 13 & Tree Climbing).
Weapon Bonus to: All Bows
Armor Bonus (-1AC) to: Leather Armor, Fine Leather, Hard Leather


Str 13, Int 13
Level 10 Thief, Level 13 Mage, Astrology (Int 13).
Weapon Bonus to: Tyrhung, Brightsaber
Armor Bonus (-1AC) to: Robe, Scarlet Robe, Mechanized Armor, Barrier Device, Amulet of Wisdom


Int 13
Level 10 Mage, Level 10 Priest, Ancient Languages (Int 13).
Weapon Bonus to: Quarterstaff, Staff of Harmony, Flail, Magic Wand, Saint's Mace
Armor Bonus (-3AC) to: Robe, Scarlet Robe, Heal Ring, Return Ring, Amulet of Wisdom

Important Note about bonuses

It is assumed that the weapon bonus from a secondary class are just AC bonuses and are only in effect when defending and possibly countering. This may also be true with shields and possibly to armor and accessories.

Comparing the Classes

Name Hit Points Hits Accuracy AC Mage Spells Priest Spells Extra
Warrior D10 Lvl/5 [Lvl / 3] + 4 Very Low No No
Mage D6 Lvl/15 Lvl/6 Very High Yes No
Priest D8 Lvl/15 Lvl/6 Medium No Yes
Thief D8 Lvl/10 [Lvl / 4] + 2 Medium No No Picks Locks, Disarms Traps
Paladin D10 Lvl/5 Lvl/3 Very Low No Yes
Druid D8 Lvl/10 Lvl/5 High Yes Yes
Ninja D10 Lvl/4 Lvl/2 Low No No Ninja Gear, Eastern Weapons, Picks Locks, Disarms Traps
Samurai D10 Lvl/5 Lvl/2 Low Yes No Eastern Weapons
Ranger D8 Lvl/6 Lvl/4 Medium No Yes Ranged Weapons, Picks Locks, Disarms Traps
Wizard D8 Lvl/8 Lvl/4 High Yes No Picks Locks, Disarms Traps

Optimal Characters

When rolling characters at the start, don't use any of the pre-mades as you won't have the skills necessary to dual class later on. Some basic notes to be aware of.

  • Warriors are the best tanks
  • You need a thief. Their level affects the ability to detect/disarm traps.
  • Mage spells are the best damage dealers from floor 4+. With 6-20 enemies per encounter, melee attacks are less efficient as they only hit 1 enemy at a time. Having 4 mages means 36 spells per tier available.
  • Priests are needed mostly for healing after a group attack. The tank should be avoiding most damage.
  • Set the party to Heroic formation with the Warrior at the front with the best gear possible.
  • While STR is useful at the beginning of the game, it becomes less important when your party becomes more spell-focused.
  • The stats listed below are only the minimums. In particular, a higher INT will prevent higher level spells from backfiring.
  • Characters with less than 10 VIT suffer an HP penalty.
  • The poor Halfing! Halflings can only roll STR 11, and even if they do, it'll cost 99,000 EP to bring it from 11 to 13. This makes many dual class possibilities tough for the Halfling. If you'd like four different races, consider a High or Dark Elf. See the Alignment section to read about how to unlock them.
  • Keep everyone on the same alignment.
  • Dual class.
    • ex: A Warrior with Mage levels cannot wear plate armor and still cast spells. A Samurai allows you to do both.
  • If you're feeling especially masochistic, the final final boss requires the party CH of at least 71. While you will be able to raise it like other stats once you reach endgame, rolling higher numbers greatly reduces the time spent doing so. It's easiest to focus on this with the future Druids (Mage and Priest), who have less stat requirements.

First Character - Warrior

  • You want the stats to be a Warrior and a Mage (to become a Samurai), so roll until you get STR 13, INT 11, and VIT 13 (minimum, this character wants high HP as the front row tank).
  • Give him the best defensive gear and put him in the front.
  • Get him to 10 in Warrior before you level the Mage. 13 levels of Mage, get Healthy Living and then dual class. At 13 levels of Mage, you should have all the spells you need, so focus on Warrior levels from that point on, unless you feel the need to get more casts of Extinctio once you reach the final floors.

Second Character - Thief

  • You want the stats for a Thief and a Mage (to be a Wizard), so roll STR 13, DEX 11 (minimum, a higher DEX will assist in dealing with traps), and INT 13.
  • Bow + back row (then Lightning Bow)
  • Get the Disarmament as soon as you can and Lock Picking before floor 4.
  • Get 10 levels of Thief before you level the Mage. 13 levels of Mage, get Astrology and then dual class. At 13 levels of Mage, you should have all the spells you need, so focus on Thief levels from that point on. Thief levels affect disarming chests, so don't neglect it.

Third Character - Priest

  • You need the stats for a Priest and Mage (to be a Druid), INT 13 will do that.
  • Back row + Quarterstaff (then Assassin Bow when you got one)
  • Get 10 levels of Priest before you level the Mage. 10 levels of Mage, get Ancient Languages and then dual class. Once you become a druid, focus on both classes equally.

Fourth Character - Mage

  • You need the stats for a Mage and Priest (to be a Druid). INT 13 will do that.
  • Back row + Quarterstaff (then Assassin Bow when you got one)
  • Get 10 levels of Mage, 10 levels of Priest, then Ancient Languages and dual class. Focus on the Mage levels after this point.


There are some advantages to putting points into other classes than the 2 classes you require for your second class. For example any "tank" could make use of a Thief level for their hide ability. A Wizard and Ranger could have increased attack power and accuracy with levels into Warrior.

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