Name Effect
Golden Bracelet 0 AC, Increases resistance to sleep
Choker Necklace -1 AC, Prevents instant death
Mirage Mantle -2 AC
Frilled Codpiece -2 AC
Barrier Device -3 AC
Arbitrator Cape -3 AC, Balanced Only
Heal Ring Heals a little HP every round of battle
Parrot Doll -1 AC, Fools 2F pirates when worn with cutlass and tricorne hat
Return Ring -1 AC, Can be used once to teleport you back to town (then vanishes)
Amulet of Wisdom -2 AC, -5 AC Mage classes, Heals 1 HP every round (Neutral and Balanced Only)
Ring of Lycaon -2 AC, Balanced and Chaotic only (positive Neutral cannot equip)
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